Plasticwork specialize in the precision production of technical articles of medium to large lines. From small pieces at low grammage to those of greater volume and consistency, all made with extreme care. The production process is characterized not only by the highly computerized and accurate quality control, but also for the high level of automation of the systems, which operate harmoniously on three shifts.

Flexibility is another of our strengths organizing jobs quickly to meet customers’ needs.We can split deliveries, reducing waiting times and helping customers not to over stock.With us the continuity of production is assured.

We use the latest technological innovations, such as two component, assisted gas, heat and cool, overmolding and vertical rotary table molding.

Presses, ranging from a closing force of 50 tons up to 800 tons, equipped with manipulators and fed automatically from the centralized plant. Network linking allows transmition of data to the central server, ensuring the correct and flexible programming of orders and the statistical control.