When I started this journey, forty years ago, I asked myself where certain problems would come from. I took power from the desire to get involved, and became inspired with the satisfaction of having created my own company.

Like all people, I had to face problems and difficulties, but I had the good fortune to find good employees, who have dedicated their commitment to me. We have had loyal support from our suppliers and customers who have always invested their trust.

Without this union of forces, it would not have been possible to continue on the path taken.

The most fortunate thing, let me say, was to always have the support of my family, my wife Umberta, with whom I shared every moment, and my daughters Elisa and Paola, who are an integral part of the company and that soon they will take the reins.
In forty years of working, doing business, there are many things, but you only live once.

I say this without being rhetorical, but I say it with pride.
However when working with conviction and satisfaction you never feel the weight of the work.
Indeed, may it continue for a long time!
I am sure that with the help, support and esteem from you all, employees, suppliers and customers alike, It will be possible.

Eternal gratitude from the heart

Renzo Scamperle