Progettazione di stampi


Those who produce using technopolimer injection will appreciate quality, timing and economy in the production of the mold. A well-designed mold made with care reduces costs, because it avoids all types of waste, ensures certain processing times and ensures a final result of high standard.

For this Plasticwork has its own internal workshop. Forty years experience and technology of using systems such as Moldflow (gate analysis and filling) and Cad, enable us to intervene actively in the study phase of the mold, and adopt the most appropriate solutions and materials required.

Meticulous design, use of new technologies (heat and cool, two-component, gas assisted …) focus on costs and the program timeline are authentic competitive advantages, which in a highly dynamic market, are key to make the difference. For many of our customers are the deciding factor of their choice. We can manage autonomously new molds, maintenance, modifications, without external steps, with the full and constant control of the supply chain, aimed at continuity of the molding process.